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Food Fight Series 4: Chef Brad Sobo of Cru Cellars

By September 26, 2018Podcast

Executive Chef, St. Louis transplant, and Hand Model. A graduate of the Florida Culinary Institute and formerly of Sidebern’s; the enigma that is Chef Brad has brought inspired cuisine to Cru Cellars for the last 4 years. But all of that will amount to nothing if he doesn’t do well in the “Make Me Cry” onion chopping contest.


It’s a shame you can’t see his hands in this photo, but then we’d have to pay extra.

Join us for a fun discussion on food, the best wine bar in Tampa Bay (Cru), wine, and the restaurant scene in Tampa.

Featured Wine: Eric Texier “Chat Fou” Cotes du Rhone

Featured Restaurant: CRU CELLARS!