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Food Fight Series 2: Lee Jasper of Dr. BBQ

By September 22, 2018Podcast

Not many BBQ resumes come better than Lee’s. He (and I’m not making this up) left the Texas oil fields to study real barbeque under Pitmaster Roy Perez at Kreuz Market in Lockhart, TX. You know, the one that opened in 1900.

That’s some slow cooking

When you hear Lee speak, you know right away that he’s as Texan as… I don’t know. Texas toast? So what on earth could lure him out to humid St. Petersburg? Easy: the Perrys, Dr. BBQ, and something called the BEAST.

Suzanne and Roger Perry (excellent neighbors and owners of Datz, Dough, and Roux) have teamed up with the famous Ray “Dr. BBQ” Lampe to open Dr. BBQ, a new restaurant in St. Pete. From an impeccable foundation rooted in traditional barbeque, they’re not afraid to explore regional variations or to branch out into some new and wild territory. But you better believe they’re still smoking with “ol’ hickory.”

So join us as we interview the real McCoy, only a few weeks from opening the new restaurant, as he talks about all things barbeque and competition. As a bonus in this series, you’ll get to see how well Lee does in the infamous “Make Me Cry” onion-chopping contest.

Featured Wine: Arnot-Roberts Touriga Nacional Rose
Featured Restaurant: Dr. BBQ
1101 1st Ave. S, St. Petersburg, FL 33705