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Food Fight Series 14: Chef Rachel Bennett of The Peabody

By October 12, 2018Podcast

Executive Chef Rachel Bennett just opened The Peabody in St. Petersburg. I mean, like, days ago. How she managed to scrape herself together enough to get to the Cru Studio to do a stupid onion chopping contest is a testament to her energy and dedication (and, apparently, wrinkle cream).

As a graduate of HCC’s culinary program and the kitchens of Bern’s Steak House, Edison, and Oxford Exchange, Chef Rachel probably shouldn’t have been as surprised as she was to find out that she’d been chosen to lead The Peabody. Tune in to find out what this dynamic chef has to say about the Tampa Bay food scene, and how her restaurant is introducing a new paradigm.

Featured Restaurant: The Peabody
Featured Wine: Bacchus Pinot Noir “Ginger’s Cuvee”