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Food Fight Series 13: Chef Adam Beckett of Locale Market and FarmTable Cucina

By October 11, 2018Podcast

When Executive Sous Chef Adam Beckett moved here from the Bay Area in California, he jumped at the chance to work at a Mina project. Locale Market and FarmTable Cucina in St. Petersburg is, as he puts it, “2200 square feet of awesomeness.” Well, multiply that by the second floor and all the outside seating and you have awesomeness on an exhausting scale. As he points out, because of all the stations and differing menus, it’s more like seven restaurants under one roof. All of which need to be humming to exacting standards. How do they make it happen?

Featured Restaurant: Locale Market and FarmTable Cucina
Featured Wine: Langhe Nebbiolo Barbaresco 2016