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Cru Crew – December 2017 – Old World Wines for the Holidays!

By December 20, 2017Cru Krewe



La Kiuva Arnad Montjovet- Valee d’Aosta, Italy

The DOC of Arnad-Montjovet is named for two small villages in the Vallee d’Aoste where the main grape grown is Picotendro, the local clone of Nebbiolo, which yields small bunches of tiny, ripe grapes that mature well in these northern climates and give intense fruit and depth to the local wines.The La Kiuva co-op produced its first wine in 1979. The co-op buys enough grapes to crank out 70-100,000 bottles annually. Forever struggling to improve, since 2008 the La Kiuva co-op has employed a consultant who visits the vines bi-weekly and offers advice to growers in order to avoid usage of chemical pesticides. They’ve also relied on indigenous yeasts for fermentation since 2009. This wine is 75% Nebbiolo plus a range of the local grapes including Gros Vien, Neyret, Cornalin and Fumin. It’s a lighter-bodied wine with fresh, black cherry/raspberry flavors melded with an alluring spiciness and refreshing acidity. This is a rustic yet delicious, classic high elevation, Northern Italian red. Pair with any mushroom dish, chicken or medium-intensity cheese like Fontina from the Valee d’Aosta!


Domaine des 2 Anes Fontanilles- Corbieres, France

          Magali and Dominique Terrier have worked in diverse wine-growing regions throughout France. Over a decade ago, they began seeking out a terroir where they could freely express their passion for making extraordinary organic wine and that search led them to the Languedoc. A decade ago Magali and Dominique Terrier first set eyes on Peyriac de mer, a diamond in the rough with a breathtaking view of the Mediterranean Sea, and it was love at first sight. Far from the world of global winemaking, they seek the simple pleasures of life in which wine reflects their identities and is a focus of friendship. This desire to follow their own convictions means they are always questioning attitudes and practices, but get enormous satisfaction and pleasure from it. It is that pleasure that they would like to share with you through these wines. In the glass, beautiful scents of red currant, ultra-ripe pomegranate flesh, crushed plums and warm pear skins. The palate delivers loads of red & black fruit flavors backed by a pretty dusting of mineral-infused garrigue. This wine is an outstanding value. Works well with a wide variety of red & white meats right off the grill, aged sheep’s & goat’s milk cheeses and spicy sausag



  La Scarpetta- Prosecco

         Bobby Stuckey and Lachlan Patterson are two Friuli-obsessed restaurateurs and          you’d be hard-pressed to find anyone else who shares the same affinity for this region (home of typically lack luster Pinot Grigio). After working together at The French Laundry, Bobby as a Master Sommelier and Lachlan as a chef de partie, they moved to Boulder Colorado with the dream of opening a neighborhood restaurant. One fateful trip to Friuli, complete with carsickness from the winding roads of the Alps, traditional Friulian fare, and lots and lots of amazing local wine was enough to seal their fate. They came back to Boulder and opened Frasca Food and Wine, a restaurant dedicated to the cuisine and culture of Friuli. Floral-accented peach and orchard fruit aromas are enhanced by scents of ripe melon and white flowers. Pliant lemon and green apple flavors are lifted by zingy acid. The palate extends nicely with a drier than expected finish. Your better-than-mimosa quality prosecco!




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