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To The Outback!

April is the month we travel to the fourth largest wine producing region in the world, Australia! The hesitation when buying these wines is understandable when you think of the kangaroo-riddled labels that are most certainly the cause of your worst hangovers but we’re here to change that!! We have hand selected some wines that represent the Cru personality; all natural, hand harvesting, low production, unique, and most importantly the best value.


Misfits Wine- Cycle Buff Beauty (Shiraz/Malbec) 2014

Another project from iconoclast winemaker Colin McBryde and sourced from Clare Valley and McLaren Vale in South Australia, this wine explodes with flavors of sour cherry, blackberry, and a touch of smokiness. It’s full bodied, lushly tannic and is excellent with food, with enough raciness to hold up even to tomato-rich Italian fare.


Shinas Estate ‘The Verdict’ Cabernet Sauvignon

In northwest Victoria, this estate has been producing wine since 1898, and the verdict is in on its Cabernet: killer fruit in an awesome package. 24 months in French and American oak and full malolactic fermentation gives it a plush texture familiar to fans of the new-Napa style, with notes of black cherry, plum and ripe strawberries.


Dandelion Vineyards Enchanted Gardens of the Eden Valley Riesling

Eden Valley is renowned for its dry Riesling, and this wine is a celebration of it. Minimally fined and filtered to bring out the essence of Eden Valley, it’s aromas of citrus zest and dragon fruit are in perfect harmony with its intense minerality and austere acidity. Bone dry and great for warmer weather.

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