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Cru 5: Noel Cruz, Owner of Ichicoro Ramen, Ichicoro Imoto, and Ichicoro Ane

By March 27, 2018Podcast

Just what is “Tampa Ramen”? And why was it first discovered in NYC (and now available in Alabama)? Noel takes us through the start of his Ichicoro empire, and how he introduced ramen to the Tampa Bay area. Thank goodness he did it right. After opening Ichicoro Ramen in Seminole Heights in 2015, new locations have been popping up like cloud-ear mushrooms. Is there more to come? And what’s his secret to maintaining excellence even as he grows and experiments?

Featured Wine: Allípallá 2016

Featured Restaurant: Acapulco Mexican Grocery and Taqueria
(813) 873-3665
1001 N MacDill Ave., Tampa, FL 33607