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Terry Theise and Michael Skurnik Pre Sale

Believe it or not, these wines were ordered in June 2015! Just when we thought they were NEVER going to arrive, we received and e-mail letting us know they are here! Renowned importer and wine guru Terry Thiese now works with Michael Skurnik to curate some amazing selections from Germany and Austria. This partnership brings some of the most respected winemakers to your front door! One cannot mention Terry Thiese without mentioning his raw wine writing talent. His incredibly poetic style is sure to captivate even the most restrained wine lover. For a great read and to re-inspire your romanticism for wine, check out his book Reading between the Wines.

Bründlmayer Zweigelt Reserve, Kamptal, Austria 2011

Winemaker Willi Bründlmayer was named the best winemaker of the last 25 years by Wine & Spirits Magazine! He uses only organic methods of fertilizing, while cover crops are planted between rows. Multiple harvest sweeps are made through the vineyard each year, to ensure grapes are picked at the height of ripeness. He holds back a tiny portion of the grapes and macerates them for 12 hours. These are used as ‘seasoning’ during the blending process—it adds a completely new dimension to the final wine!

Zweigelt is Austria’s most popular dark-berried grape. It is a cross between Blaufränkisch and St. Laurent accomplished by Dr. Zweigelt in 1922. As expected, you will experience high acid from the Blaufränkisch and elegance from the St. Laurent. Growers in Austria love this varietal because it ripens earlier than Blaufränkisch and buds later than St. Laurent, thus making it a generous yielding grape. The varietal is starting to spread to winemaking regions east, like the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Hungary. You’ll also start seeing it in British Columbia and Japan!

Bründlmayer Zweigelt is made from the original Zweigelt family vineyards! This is a step back into time at what Dr. Zweigelt tasted when he crossed Blaufränkisch and St. Laurent! You’ll experience sour cherries, berries and plums with spicy aromas. This representation of Zweigelt is fresh and elegant with linear structure. Surprisingly refreshing!

Nigl Brut de Brut Rosé Sekt, Kremstal, Austria 2011

Martin Nigl is a first generation winemaker and began his career as we know it began in 1985. He does, however, come from a farming family with some serious pedigree (for over 200 years). He convinced his family to keep the fruit from their tiny quantity of vines and bottle them himself, rather than selling to the local co-op. The Nigls are sustainable farmers and never use herbicides or insecticides. Cover crops of legumes and herbs are planted around the vines. In the winery, Martin uses stainless steel almost exclusively and never de-stems! He uses only ambient yeast, gravity flow, and never fines. Enjoy this snappy and fresh sparkling rose with compelling notes of rose-hips on your lips!





Bründlmayer Zweigelt Reserve, Kamptal, Austria 2011, 43.99
Nigl Brut de Brut Rosé Sekt, Kremstal, Austria 2011, 33.99

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