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Focus: United Cellars

Spain has been our main focus this month starting with our Wine Wednesday tasting with Martin, a cool guy who represents some stellar “new” spanish wines, and then our *sold out* Wine Dinner which also features all Spanish wines. Martin’s portfolio is akin to all natural wines that incorporate all organic practices, include funky grape varietals, and mirror a very fresh style which is everything Cru is about. As much as I love these wines I wanted to give our customers a break from all our “weird” wine and highlight the traditional stuff that is also coming out of Spain while maintaining our loyalty to boutique wineries. Romain, the star of this month’s show works for a teeny tiny importer known as United Cellars. The philosophy behind United is to find those limited production, family wineries that are passionate and innovative. Most importantly they want to present one of the things Spain does best….WINE.


Vinícola Real Cueva del Monge Blanco: White Blend

In addition to the world-famous Tempranillo coming out of the region, Rioja also produces some fantastic white wines. This example, from small producer Vinícola Real, is the Chablis of Spain, with its perfect balance between acidity and quality French oak, and is just as drinkable. Sustainably farmed and blended from the three most notable white grapes of the region (70{8a779485a35888273496f0b72dc634490a1f8dcc316116b0257b1d61f66eee22} Viura, 20{8a779485a35888273496f0b72dc634490a1f8dcc316116b0257b1d61f66eee22} Malvasia, 10{8a779485a35888273496f0b72dc634490a1f8dcc316116b0257b1d61f66eee22} Garnacha Blanca), this wine shows notes of peaches-and-cream, pear, and fresh citrus. Limited to 1,250 cases, enjoy this wine while you can!


Castell D’Encus Quest: Bordeaux Blend

From D.O. Costers Del Segre of Catalonia in the northeast, Castell D’Encus utilizes the region’s intensely diurnal climate (warm days, cold nights) to farm grapes that are maximally complex and fruity, then ferment them in steel, oak, as well as natural stone vats carved out of the side of a mountain. The Quest is their Bordeaux-style blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Merlot, and Petit Verdot, and it’s aged for 18 months in 60{8a779485a35888273496f0b72dc634490a1f8dcc316116b0257b1d61f66eee22} new French oak. This powerful wine has notes of wild berries and smoked paprika with a spicy, dark fruit palate and a long, earthy finish. Castell D’Encus keeps their production very small to deliver only the highest quality, and at only 5,800 bottles this is their smallest production. Lucky you!

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